Ayokunu Oduniyi

Ayokunu Oduniyi is the husband to Susan Deborahs, a faithful friend and brother to many. He is the founder & senior leader of A NEW THING London and Four12Men, a Christian men’s organisation based in London Bridge.

The challenge is simple, it can be summarised into one sentence: be the change you want to see.

At 412 Men we believe in community, sharing experiences, building each other up. Our core mission is for everyone to disciple 12 people before they die, and their disciples to disciple 12 people, the cycle continues.

In today’s society, the common phrase is “men don’t talk”, “men don’t hold each other accountable”, the list goes on.

Well, we don’t subscribe to those notions and we prove so not by talk but with action. This is where the challenge comes into play, we’ve created a task that will require your time and honesty. Telling the truth & confronting the lies. Asking hard questions & sharing painful lessons.

It’s time to model true manhood and there’s no better way than to connect with someone, build relationship and bond over everything that makes you a man. Let’s affirm the boys, let’s pave a path for them to follow, let’s model a character to emulate.

Find someone, find a young man, find a boy. Let’s catch them young. Let’s use wisdom and pass wisdom so that we can end cycles.

We recommend:

Speak over phone or video call twice a month. Keep it at a set time, be consistent.
Establish a connection by taking the lead in sharing and being honest.
Aim to do this for 12months – the whole year.

We will be giving out more exercises you could implement and help frame conversations, but we believe in organic bonding, we believe in being yourself, we believe telling the truth will always set people free. Free to be themselves.

2021, let’s model.

Written by Ayokunu Oduniyi.

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